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George Reeves, guitarist, songwriter, singer. Whether he is playing his electrified

solo gig, a singer/songwriter gig or lead guitar with a band, George’s performance is always

memorable.   George was asked recently to describe his music style and his 

answer was interesting, honest and totally out of the box. "I find it amusing 

when asked to place a label on my music style.  I don’t have a genre.  It's easier

 to say what I don’t play…rap and opera! I’ve always been drawn to soul, blues,

 rock-n-roll and country but I’ve been playing for over 60 years so I don't even

 think about it too much. I enjoy playing a big range and combining them.

 I’m very unlikely to play a song the same way twice.  Clapton, Lowell

George, Johnny Winter, the Allman Brothers, Bonnie Raitt, Sting, Steely Dan....these were big 

influences for me.  But it's not a this or that thing....I may play a

jazzy lick in a blues song or a country lick in a rock and roll song.

Most of my life I have been a lead electric player and when I play a 

lead I have no idea what I'm going to play.  I start on a note that

works and play what I feel as the music flows through me.  I like

it that way. Sometimes I play fast, slow, bend strings a lot or talk with

with the strings.  Volume and speed were big for me when I was younger,

now I’m really enjoying using more finesse and focusing on the 

musicality that the song is asking for.  I'm not married to any one music

style. I'm just me.  It really shows up in my original songs.  They have

 been called quirky and intelligent.  Again, they just flow through me. " 


He and his wife Deborah moved from their homestead farmette in Cashiers, NC after 30+ years to

 Asheville, NC in 2022.  He is enjoying the musicanship and diversity of music in Asheville.  


George was playing bars in the Miami area before he was even legal to 

walk through the doors.   He spent much of the 70's in Athens, Ga and

then dabbled in the San Francisco music scene in 1975. He played for about 

17 years with Ansel, Strong and Reeves as a house band on the historic

River Street in Savannah, Ga.  Nashville was where he honed his

writing skills and worked as a studio session player.  One of his most

memorable sessions included Mark Knopfler while playing in the made

for TV show called Clive James Goes Country which you can find on

YouTube.  He spent the next 20 years as the lead guitar player with a 

well known classic rock band in Western NC.  George has won a number of

accolades in the Nashville Songwriters/CMT Contest for his original work.

 He has been billed as the “guitarist extraordinaire” and it is

fitting. He is busy playing where ever he is and grateful for every

opportunity to play and share his music.


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Come out and enjoy this great artist in person.  Although his Strat is

his favorite guitar he is most noted for his well-honed slide playing

on his designated 59 Les Paul, jr and his collection of lap slides.  You never

know which guitars he will show up with.  He is working on three CD projects

of all originals which you will be the first to get your hands on (and ears).   

George plays local and out of town gigs, private parties and house

concerts solo or with several other great players.