George is excited to be entering the music scene in Asheville, NC.  We are updating his gig schedule so Y'all can come out and welcome him back to the live music scene. He will be playing some familiar combinations and some new as this year unfolds.  Jay Drummonds is always a special music night and George has a number of gigs with Jay in the Sapphire/Cashiers area this summer.  And Jack Miller and John Keck are exciting new duos to come hear.  George is just beginning to explore the Asheville music scene and beginning to meet great musicians.  The level and diversity of talent in Asheville is off the charts.  George is looking forward to connecting, learning and being challenged by these great talents.  You might also find him spontaneously at an open mic in Asheville playing his original tunes.  And you can find him most Sunday afternoons at The Guitar Bar in the RAD.  Of course, he is still playing during the winter months in St. Augustine, Fl area with some great local talent there. Watch for updates and gig dates.

As always, thanks for supporting live music.  


George's CD of all original music "Astraland" has landed and is available at gigs and by mail order.  Email your shipping address ( and we am happy to ship.  Payment can be made by personal check, paypal or venmo.    Looking forward to sharing this eclectic mix of original music with all of you.  "I am honored to have a number of great A-list musicians joining me on this album.  The artwork is amazing.  Moliere Dimancha designed the cover and the lyric booklet (YES! the lyrics are included) is filled with meaningful pictures. A big thank you goes out to all who support my music and those who helped make this CD happen." $12 plus 2.75 shipping.


George Reeves is a guitarist, singer and songwriter.  With 60 + years playing under his belt his playing has been described by other musicians as tasty and the perfect fit.  Whether he is playing his electrified solo gig, a singer/songwriter gig or as he is best known serving as lead guitarist, George's playing is always unique and memorable.  He has been billed as "guitarist extraordinaire" and it is fitting.  He likes to say that he sprinkles sugar on the music.   As a singer/songwriter you will be intrigued by the thoughtfulness of his words as well as the music.  His songs are quirky, clever and often thought provoking. 

The music always flows through him and consequently through his guitar and you are very aware of that as you listen to this seasoned performer.  George allows his guitar to speak for him and especially to you. He understands the delicate nuance of not playing too many notes and allowing you to feel the music and emotions riding through the chords.  This allows his audience to stay tuned into every note he plays with great pleasure. George's favorite guitar is his strat but he is also well known for his well honed slide playing on his designated 59 Les Paul Jr and his collection of lap slides.  His newest “toy” is a lap slide with steel guitar pedals for a most special sound and addition to the music.  It is always a treat and you never know which guitars he will show up with.
George currently resides in Asheville, NC and St. Augustine, Fl. where you will find him playing music with many of his musical friends up and down the East Coast.

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John Allen Keck with George Reeves

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Grey Eagle Patio, 185 Clingman Avenue, Asheville

George will be doing what George does best and what you all love his music for. Playing lead guitar for a great singer/songwriter. JOHN ALLEN KECK John Allen Keck is originally from California, but now lives in Asheville, North Carolina. While living in California, John had a record deal with Epic in the 90s with his band “Hand of Fate.” John has played with people from the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pearl Jam and Smashing Pumpkins. His earlier stuff was Alternative Rock. John stopped playing music over 25 years ago, but started writing songs and playing again in 2018. John’s music is influenced by Tom Petty, U2, Jason Isbell, Radiohead, The Rolling Stones, David Bowie, Pink Floyd and The Beatles. His EP, “Let You In” is his first release since “Hand of Fate.”

Tickets online $10 or at the door $12